Full moon, kind of…

So I had on my calendar that there was going to be a full moon early this week… I took some pictures of a sunset the night of in preparation. I’m standing outside and I see the moon peeking out from behind some clouds so I got a couple of pictures, that was the last I saw of the moon that night as the rain kicked in and the sky was completely covered. The next night was more of the same. Very disappointing.

This morning I was letting the dogs out and I saw the moon hanging there… I went and grabbed my camera and caught a “mostly” full moon. heh

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Eric has been working in IT for about fifteen years but photography has always been his passion. He was born and raised in Indianapolis, living on the west side and attending Ben Davis High School. After school Eric joined the Air Force and spent the bulk of his time in Nebraska at Offutt Air Force Base. He lived in Nebraska for about 12 years. It was there that he met his future wife, Jenni, and together had their first son, Carson. Launching his wife's career brought them back to his old home here in Indiana. Since being back they have had their second son, Samuel, and reconnected with some family and old friends. His favorite type of photography is portraits in the outdoors and he makes frequent trips to several of the local parks and monuments for sessions with family, friends, or clients. Eric finds it exciting to be involved in capturing emotion and personality for people to share with their family and friends.

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