IMA Exploration

My faithful model (Carson) and I stopped in to the Indianapolis Museum of Art to soak in some late afternoon sun and to explore some of the sights. The numbers were very fun to play around. Spring was definitely on display throughout the grounds.
Here’s my top three faves:

For the full series click on the LOVE sculpture…


Plants and Country Sunset

Did a couple of other different things today; Plant close-ups and some sunset shots in the country.

Took some shots at lunch time of some signs of Spring around the IUPUI Campus:


On the way home from dinner I took some back roads and notice the sun painting a great scene across the open cornfields, so I stopped to snap some shots.

Country Sunset


I made a new subcategory off my Photography category called “Experiments”… going to be putting new things I’m testing out in there.

Tonight, with the New Moon, I thought I might try a couple different night sky shots:

Night Sky

Right before I called it a night I tried out some light painting… it was pretty fun but I need to find a better background instead of my privacy fence.

Light Painting