Web redesign launch!

If you’ve been looking around lately you may have notice several design changes here on the blog. That is mainly because I have been redesigning my main website and putting it all inside of SmugMug. It makes it a lot easier to manage having the photos and the web elements all in one place. Well, today marks the launch day of the site redesign. I would love to hear any and all feedback on the site!

New Product! Holiday Cards

We’re happy to announce a new product offering. Holiday Cards! Check out the sample gallery/order form. Currently only 4×8 Photo Cards are available, but I can look into 5×7 cardstock half-fold cards if there is interest. Book a session today to get your family portraits and easily add 20, 50, or 100 holiday cards to share with family and friends.

FIVE days left to vote on Capture Indy!

If you remember, at little over 2 months ago I made a post about submitting some photos to be included in a hard bound photo book about Indianapolis published by local newspaper, IndyStar.com. Well there are only 5 days left to get your votes in! I would appreciate all the attention I could get. Tell your friends, co-workers, neighbors, strangers at restaurants, anyone, EVERYONE! Here is the link to my profile: http://bit.ly/CapSolar

Here is a sampling of the photos I submitted with direct links to see the full image on the CaptureIndy site:

Capture Indy!

I’m going to put some photos in to help build this book, you should check it out… vote, promote, and/or upload your own!

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